A Day of Firsts and the Almighty Andis T-Liner

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Yesterday was THE day: My first real haircutting as a student barber.  It was pretty cool.  I could write a book but I won’t. 😉 I did 5 cuts and got a couple of $5 tips.  That felt really great.  It feels like the ultimate in appreciation.

One guy was so rude to the instructor, he got thrown out. That was wild for my third cut. ALL MEN though. LOTS OF TESTOSTERONE.


One of the required tools of a barber is a detailer for Clipper Bald cuts and all detailing and fine tuning. Andis TLinerThe Andis T-Outliner (called T-Liner in the shop) is the favorite.  I will get one in my kit in 2 weeks but I need one NOW.  Thanks to Amazon I’ll have one by Tuesday for under $50.  Other barber students say having an extra in case of a drop or break, is a good thing.  I fully concur.

One more first: a straight razor shave…but it was a practice on myself.  Was good. Yep…I nicked myself…twice.  Great to get the feel though.  I suspect I shall retire the electric…shudder…razor!