A True Cut-Throat Razor for Me

$_57Yes, it’s mostly called a straight razor but across the pond they call it a cut-throat!  I just like it.  Kind of sexy.  Kind of dangerous.  I guess that’s part of why I’m into barbering! 😉

Since I am all things barbering most of the time, I was looking on eBay or Amazon at razor stuff.  Then I saw THIS on eBay. Gasp!  It’s gorgeous.  Ask anyone at the school and they’ll tell you I like the razor.  I tell my customers I do.

Given we must use a changeable-blade razor in California, in order to truly master the razor, I believe I must get a straight-razor and learn to hone, strop and shave with it!   The really cool part is, my father was Mr. Handy so he always had his pocket knife sharp and honed.  I remember watching hime patiently and methodically creating a razor in that pocket knife.  I know I have at least one scar!

That said, it should be on its way from the other side of the pond, if you will.  The seller was open to offers so I, of course, offered a few bucks less and BOOM.  Offer accepted: $18   Yesssss!