It’s Compelling When Your Fellow Students Start To Notice You

f0210407_12413851I took a different approach to a cut today.  I listened to what the customer said but added my own spin.  I was thinking “I like this cut!” and about then Jon, a fellow student, said “Nice cut, Clayton.”  Man…that rocks.  When someone else sees what I see and likes it then it’s a double whammy.

The customer was pleasantly surprised, I think.  The tip was above the cursory $1-2 and that’s some indication of level of satisfaction.

I also took a different approach to basic scissor/shear cutting.  I did some studying over the weekend and it made a difference to me and the customer.  Ed, another student barber, mentioned he noticed I was going for my “scissor skills”.  I didn’t realize, until then, that many barber student sway toward clippers.

All in all, a really great day.  Wait…one more…I did a great full head and full face razor shave for a gentleman.  No nicks or cuts for anyone and he said he plans to come back.  I got a nice tip, too!