New Contact Card? Yep. More Info Needed to Get Customers

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When I made my first student contact card, I was uncertain about giving out my cell number (my only personal number).  As I give out cards at the school (and especially to friends, etc.) I realize they must go to my website to get in touch with me.  No esta bueno.

Enter Google Voice; I snagged a few numbers for the 619 area code when I moved here.  I am most happy I did as I now have (619) 786-4448 for my barber services phone number!

With new number in hand and being a bargain shopper,  I found a 50% off coupon for VistaPrint and designed and ordered 250 of these for $10.

new card

I really like the moustache and classic feel, of course.  I have some news on booking me online later.  Woot!

(Tony you know what I’m saying.)