Self Razor Shave Complete!

Plusphoto 2, I fully committed to the chinstrap and razored off my chin! I did well and it feels clean. (Don’t forget other benefits of a straight razor shave like exfoliation.) My first self shave was awful. And yes, that is a wee nick.

I was cleaning up the shave and switched razors; one exposes the blade head, the other (in photo) has a “guard” and helps avoid nicks. Guess which one I picked up though?  Great for the skill and mastering the tool.  PlusI like having two razor options.  One is a little better for the tight spots and lineups; the other is better for longer strokes.  photo 1

I think female barbers should have a shave to understand, first hand, how it all feels steam towels through nicks. Would be tough to nick non-whiskered skin, me thinks!