Sharpen My Shears, Already???

I’m a bit peeved both my shears “need sharpening” when I’ve only been on the floor 4 weeks! :-\ It seems we have a fairly modest (?) set of school-issue equipment. I really don’t know but a lot is said among students.

Instead of fixing a cheaper shear, I opted to replace the blending shears and upgrade them as much as possible. I did really well but found most of the research after some of my decisions. Price drove a lot of it but ergo was right behind.

morris-flamingo-22t-supercut-taper-and-thinning-shear-21“Straight” or opposing grip (the school shear on right) is not comfortable for me. They are by SuperCut and about $25-30.

For the record, I can achieve a lot by adjusting my shears; in fact, manufacturers recommend adjusting after about a month’s use plus a daily oiling and weekly tension check. It is disappointing when I am being taught by industry people that really do not know what I would expect them to know. I a glad I am a researcher by nature. 🙂

At this stage of my life and my potential issues with RSIs, I need a good design and I found an affordable one!  They are the E.L.F. (36 teeth) by 44/20 and are $100.  I really believe in having quality tools for your trade so I feel good about this purchase. The ergo upgrade is sweet not to mention the type of tension system (technical but good stuff called a Leaf Spring Dial) plus the company has been doing this for 100+ years.4420 Elf 36Teeth

I think they’re kind of sexy. 😉